Support what we love

The project Routerade became a success because there were always people who supported us in the difficult initial phase. 

Business partners, organization and merchants believed in us, even though Routerade is a small business.

Just as we were supported at the time, we would now like to give something back to society


The website is currently under construction

It all started with an idea: A child needs a mother, siblings, a house and little hands (Al-Anamel). Millions of children grow up with war and crises – that’s not how our world should look like. Al-Anamel e.V. recognizes the immense size of this challenge and, despite its limited resources, wants to help as many children as possible receive at least elementary education.

The main concern is the financial support of partner agency Al-Anamel based in Damascus, Syria by collecting donations.

This partner association will use the donated funds for humanitarian aid and the provision of benefits in kind for the needy children and adolescents in the Syrian civil war. In particular, it will support the establishment and operation of pre-schools and schools in the besieged and formerly besieged areas of Syria, including the provision of regular meals and the provision of clothing for needy children and adolescents.

In addition to the clarified need for financial support, information events and reports on the situation in Syria serve to promote cultural exchange and understanding between Syrians and Germans. The insights from Syria are disseminated through contributions in social networks. This will focus more attention on the club and its purpose, enabling more efficient fundraising.

This mentality impresses! That is why Routerade UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is particularly proud to be able to call itself a 'partner' of Al-Anamel e.V. It would pass from 2019 to Al-Anamel 20% of the remaining profits.