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Oriental products​

  • Many of the artisans whose work we offer are personally known to us and we select their products on site.
  • Some products are traditionally made and partially designed for us according to old patterns and techniques.
  • Of course, we pay attention to the selection of high quality materials and workmanship.

“Through Aladdin store, we can reflect a beautiful and authentic picture of our countries and products, achieve a fair trade exchange, offering new opportunities to support and encourage countries of the Middle East and Africa to produce!” –Waleed Alshallal, COO at Aladdin

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  • Hair Products
    • Hair Foam – Regrowth & Anti-Loss Formula
    • Hair Serum – Eyelash & Brow Tonic
    • Hair Gel – Styling Tonic
  • Hyperpigmentation Kit
    • HP Cleanser
    • HP Mask
    • HP Neutralizer
    • HP Calming Emulsion
    • HP Anti-Spot Concentrate
    • HP Maintenance Cream
  • White
    • Intim – Bikini Area & Axilla
    • Externa – Knees & Elbows