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With high-paying affiliate programs, you generate more revenue with fewer sales. They usually include luxury affiliate products like watches, jewelry, and antiques. Using a network can also cut down on overall marketing costs, as advertisers tend to have less need to spend big budgets on advertising elsewhere. One of the key benefits of becoming either an advertiser or a publisher through an affiliate network is the number of opportunities this opens up, alongside the ease of getting started.

It’s a share of the revenue that the broker makes from the trader who signs up. So when their spread payments are made, you will get a cut of this revenue. Affiliates can expect consistent payouts, in a choice of currencies. Using two or three metrics for each goal should provide a clear picture of where you are succeeding and those areas that need work. In addition, your site may be attracting the wrong type of traffic and your keywords may not be sufficiently targeted.

Get started

Creating your site with a CMS like WordPress requires a hosting plan. Make sure to choose fast WordPress server hosting to improve site performance and user experience. Opt for web hosting with Joomla or Drupal optimization if you plan to use these content management systems. As it is what internet visitors type to access your site, pick a unique yet simple one, aiming for short names that will reflect your brand and avoiding special characters. Study your customers, paying special attention to their preferred communication channels and content formats. Perhaps you have millions of comprehensive articles, while your audience would love to watch video guides.

  • There are no costs to join most affiliate networks, and a variety of free platforms are available to boost your efforts.
  • Market size calculations often include estimations about the growth of a market.
  • Each listing is made up of a title, keyword, description and target URL.
  • To better understand this process, you might want to visualize it.

This means that publishers are able to easily assess if the advertiser will be good to work with and they will be paid on time. The Awin index takes into account all of these metrics and offers the publisher a standardised percentage which can be used to compare across the network and advertiser sector. Within the Awin interface there is also a publisher directory, which allows an advertiser to search for new publisher by sector, advertising type or keyword. You can then contact the publisher directly through this listing, or invite them to join your affiliate programme if they haven’t already.

Third Party Tracking

Graphs illustrate mean ratings history, price target history and rating distribution over time. Detailed insider and institutional Ownership statistics to incorporate into your investment strategies. This window provides detailed institutional and insider ownership with a graph of ownership how to analyze affiliate statistics percentage over time, and an insider trade log. Event calendars can be set to filter data for companies in your watchlists and/or related firms by market sector. By default the view opens to today’s date, but you can click any date on the calendar to view filtered events for that day.

analyzing affiliate program metrics for brokers

Offer a choice of rewards that reflects the value of each transaction. Give each affiliate partner compensation packages in line with their level of influence. Handpick perfectly-suited affiliates who would benefit from a closer relationship with your brand. Attract and qualify partners, agents, affiliates, influencers and referrers.

Study Analytics

It can have both a positive and negative effect, so it’s important to keep watching so that revenues can be predicted and tracked. When using our table to choose your preferred affiliate, we offer a star rating for the support that is provided. We use the quality of the landing page, payouts, support from the affiliate, functionality of the office and the available widgets. All of these come together to ensure that traders are fully aware of the support that is on offer. All contents on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Consult relevant financial professionals in your country of residence to get personalised advice before you make any trading or investing decisions.

analyzing affiliate program metrics for brokers

Working with Awin, we are able to connect each advertiser with over 211,000 active publishers globally. It is a process used to help marketers and management make informed marketing decisions. A US investment broker has learned that the audiences of each of its affiliate partners respond very differently to various enticements and offers. Additionally, some of its affiliates are bound by local legislation prohibiting them from passing on certain types of offers to the end consumer. Accordingly, the broker provides each affiliate with differing customer offers – or even choices of offers – designed to maximize conversion among their own, unique audiences.

Top pages for new traffic and conversions

In a bid to boost search engine results, pages are created which include a number of a websites links. A TradeTracker feature which allows publishers to generate deep links directly from product pages even as content is being created. A page which a user is directed to, once they click on an affiliate link.

analyzing affiliate program metrics for brokers

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