As early as in 2015, Rami and Waleed got to know each other at a German course at Free University Berlin.


Waleed was volunteering at Bkj and at the same time working at Arvato Bertelsmann, Rami was volunteering at HiMateand working at GoVolunteer too.


During an “Interrailtour” in 2017 those two decided to become self-employed. They wrote down ideas what kind of business they want to have and how it should look like in a little book. In doing so, they decided for a people business not only something on the internet.


The needed capital was put together through their full time jobs.

During their research regarding establishment of companies, they discovered, once again, the bureaucracy of Germany. After some minor setbacks in May 2018 the company was set up with some help of Me4change, a project of Migration Hub Network. 


The name Routerade was the winner, it is a combination of “route” and “trade”. The logo was designed by a friend, as the money was tight and the professional design of one is really expensive.